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BORN: 1986


Being creative from a young age and disillusioned by school curriculum, finding art a safe space to express himself, Bamble is self-taught, learning as needed from media sources and experimenting for the most part with acrylic on canvas. Using his unique characters and intense colours with an underlying tone of darkness he developed a visual language of his own.

Influenced heavily by the cartoons of his childhood and of today,  by creatives close to him and by artists such as Basquiat, KAWS, Alec Monopoly, Banksy and Takashi Murakami, Bamble has opened a world of imagination, portraying a roller coaster of life events including issues of mental health, heartbreak, pop culture and a large base of original characters with a story of their own.

Having developed a fan base in both Australia and internationally early in his career, Bamble has participated in several group and solo exhibitions, whilst also being part of the Darwin Fringe Festival and contributing several pieces to charity, showing unrelenting drive toward bringing his creations to life. Being ever inspired, Bamble likes to put a twist on a world often painted in shades of “blah”.

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"I HAVE AN INKLING" (2019) by Jimmy Bamble
"ALREADY LIKE THAT" (2020) by Jimmy Bamble
"FUCKING LANDSCAPES" (2020) by Jimmy Bamble
"YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY" (2020) by Jimmy Bamble


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